The Quincy Valley Business & Conference Center is booked with parties and events on most weekends, as the Port of Quincy has developed the facility and made it available for rent. One of those parties was cut short on Aug. 31 by an unexpected plumbing problem, and the Port has offered a refund to the renters.

The unfortunate event was discussed at the Sept. 11 meeting of the Port’s board of commissioners, with Commissioner Curt Morris absent.

The couple who had rented the main hall for the Aug. 31 party attended the meeting and spoke during the regular recognition of guests on the agenda. Amador Madera read a letter to commissioners about the early ending of their event – a wedding reception for him and his wife, Nancy Oropeza, and a baptism celebration for son Amador A. Madera.

The festivities ended after a foul odor and liquid in the kitchen was brought to the attention of Dan Couture, who was on-site that night providing security. Couture ended up deciding to clear the facility at 11:30 p.m.

Madera and Oropeza said they had subsequently spoken with Darci Kleyn, comptroller for the Port, about a refund but were expecting to hear more.

Commissioner Brian Kuest said, “We recognize that there was a huge inconvenience there,” and he asked Kleyn to confirm what the refund would consist of. She said the couple would get $2,000 back, which was the entire hall rent and damage deposit, but not the charge for security service.

Kleyn later in the meeting said the plumbing problem is being fixed and a protocol would be developed to handle emergencies. Commissioner Patric Connelly also apologized to Madera and Oropeza for the disruption of their reception.

After the meeting, Kleyn explained that the plumbing problem was not a sewage backup, but was from a bar sink drain that drained into a grease tank. The family lost some leftover food and cake left behind at the hall, she added.

Moving to other agenda items, the commissioners listened to a presentation by ABCS, short for A Business Consulting Service, a company in Ephrata, about how it could help market Colockum Ridge Golf Course. Port commissioners seek to increase play at the course.

On the Raceways building project, commissioners discussed with Larry Julius, of Gray & Osborne engineering firm, a bond in lieu of retainage requested by the contractor. The two commissioners present, Connelly and Kuest, voted to accept the bond.

Regarding the Port taking on industrial wastewater, Kuest said the Port had received letters of support from Amway and Lamb Weston for the first $35,000 of the cost of work by Landau Associates. Kuest added that he expected to meet soon with Quincy Foods on the subject also.

With that, the commissioners voted to award the industrial wastewater engineering and design work to Landau, subject to a favorable review by the Port’s attorney.

Reporting on Colockum Ridge, Chris Dowd said the golf course is slowing down now as summer cools off. In discussing marketing of the course, Dowd urged the commissioners to have Catalina Blancas – recently hired for part-time marketing work for the Port – run with it.

By Dave Burgess,

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