Castaneda Diaz

On Nov. 15 Eduardo Castañeda Díaz announced his registration to be a candidate for the 2021 Mayor of Quincy race.

Just a few weeks prior to this announcement, Castañeda Díaz ran against Tom Dent for the Legislative District 13 State Representative Position 1. Castañeda Díaz lost to Dent, earning only 26% of the votes in Grant County. In Quincy however, the totals were a lot closer with Dent earning 1,029 votes versus Castañeda Díaz’ 926 votes.

On Facebook, Castañeda Díaz said “77% of the residents of Quincy, WA are of Latin American/Hispanic ethnicity. Only 25% of the current members of the City Council and Mayor of Quincy are of Latin American/Hispanic ethnicity. Representation matters. If elected as your Mayor of the City of Quincy in 2021, I’ll be our city’s first Latino Mayor, the first farmworker, the youngest to serve in this capacity, the first son of Latino immigrants, and the first child of formerly undocumented immigrants to represent you as mayor.”

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