The Port of Quincy held a presentation at the Oct. 20 city council meeting regarding progress on the industrial wastewater plan and the next steps for the project.

The Post-Register previously reported in July 2019 that the city council voted in favor of a letter of interest to enter negotiations with the Port of Quincy to transfer to the city’s interest in the Industrial Wastewater that was being discharged into the Potholes Reservoir via the United States Bureau of Reclamation wasteway.

The industrial wastewater plan is a component of the Quincy 1 Water Plan (Q1W). Q1W is a comprehensive water resource management plan, adopted by the city council in 2016, to guide the development of its water supply and wastewater utilities including domestic sewer, industrial wastewater, potable supply and water reuse utility.

Some work has already been completed so far on the project. Between November 2019 and January 2020, a feasibility study was completed and approved by the Department of Ecology (DOE). In May, a draft basis of the design report was completed. Then geotechnical explorations were completed in July, and most recently, the feasibility study addendum was submitted to the DOE in September.

Next steps in the project are to have the feasibility study addendum approved in November and by January 2021, have the engineering report and 30% design completion. Then later in the spring of 2021 have the engineering report approved and issuance of DOE water quality permit and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) determination. Following that, in the summer of 2021, completion of a detailed design with city and county and natural resources permitting. Construction completion is scheduled for September 2022.

Port of Quincy Commissioner Brian Kuest began the presentation and said that the port has entered into a $1.4 million engagement with Landau Associates, and in order to get to a 30% design, which they hope to achieve by the first of the new year, they will have invested about $465,000 to get there. Currently they have invested $285,000 into the engineering up to this point.

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