The map above from the May 18 council packet shows the location of the proposed barrier on Central Avenue South in Quincy.

The Quincy City Council discussed possible changes to Central Avenue South to prevent the current issue of congestion and other options for the Quincy parks indoor soccer field to be built at Lauzier Park.

The items were discussed at the May 18 city council meeting.

They held a public meeting for a proposed barrier on Central Avenue South. The barrier would separate the north and south bound lanes right in front of Washington Trust Bank and Washington Federal Bank at the intersection of Central Avenue South and State Route 28. This barrier would prevent cars from turning left once they left the Washington Federal drive through toward Central Avenue South and also prohibit cars from turning left into the drive through from Central Avenue South into Washington Trust. The idea is the barrier will prevent some of the congestion that happens on Central Avenue South so close to the intersection when the banks get busy.

There was no comment from the public and no decision has been made.

The second topic was a proposed alternate to the design plans for the NAC Quincy Indoor

Soccer facility. The proposed design would cost a total of $2.4 million and 4-5 months to complete. The building itself is $1.2 million and the other $1.2 million covers concrete, HVAC system, electrical, fire suppression and more.

This cheaper design is a type of fabric building. It is a pre-engineering steel frame building that utilizes high tensile strength PVC fabric for the roof and sidewalls. These types of facilities are constructed with overhead lighting and are fully insulated with climate control environments. The fabric has a warranty guarantee for 25 years and the steel frame for 50 years.

It would be 220 feet by 160 feet and would allow two perpendicular fields or one large horizontal field but is not regulation size.

Quincy City Administrator Pat Haley said that they intend to put the 35,000 square foot building on the southern edge of the Lauzier Park property, right behind what used to be the Quincy Valley School.

It was proposed that city staff be permitted to travel to an existing facility to learn more about this option.

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