The city of Quincy is repurposing one of Lauzier Parks’ tennis courts and turning it into four pickleball courts.

The Quincy City Council unanimously voted to approve $10,722 to redo the surface on the tennis courts and repaint the lines, according to city documents. The city had lines painted on its tennis courts for them to be used for pickleball before, Quincy Recreation Director Russ Harrington said.

Lauzier park had four tennis courts, Harrington said. It will now have three tennis courts, remove the pickleball lines from the tennis courts and turn one of the tennis courts into four pickleball courts, he said.

There are about six to eight people who regularly play pickleball in Lauzier Park in the summer, Harrington said. In the winter, the city will usually find space for the pickleball players in one of Quincy’s schools.

“They’ll play all summer long until it is too cold for them anymore,” Harrington said. “Sometimes, we’ll reserve an indoor court and we’ll put some lines on it and they’ll play once a week in the winter.”

As far as future plans for additional sport spaces or equipment, the city is looking at volleyball, he said. It is trying to find the right location, because it doesn’t want to put in a sand pit.

“I don’t want to put sand in there, because Quincy has a lot of feral cats,” Harrington said. “But finding the right place that is out of the way, but not too far away.”

The city could always use more soccer fields, he said. Soccer is by far the city’s most popular sport with about 14 youth teams and three adult leagues.

“We could fill every inch of grass in Quincy with soccer fields and not have enough,” Harrington said.

The city is also considering a pump track similar to one in Leavenworth, he said. A pump track is an asphalt course that provides hills, twists and turns so people with any kind of wheeled equipment can use it.

“There are more and more of those popping up and they're nice because you can make them for anyone and anything that has got wheels,” Harrington said.