The Quincy city council extended the application deadline for the grant program aimed to help small businesses affected by COVID-19.

The new deadline is now set for Aug. 10 by 8 a.m. The councilmembers approved the resolution at their July 7 meeting.

The city received fewer grant applications than predicted, stated Mayor Paul Worley in a press release from the city. According to Finance Officer and City Clerk Nancy Shanze, 11 businesses have already submitted applications as of July 13. Two applicants are in the process of submitting because of missing information, she added.

Grant applications require proof of operation, federal tax identification number and financial statements that reflect economic loss due to the pandemic, according to the press release.

Each successful applicant is eligible for up to $5,000, and the city is capped at about $231,000 total in grant funds, Shanze said. Successful applicants will receive a letter from the city confirming their award, then must submit invoices for reimbursement before receiving a treasurers’ check from the city.

The program is for businesses with 10 or fewer full time employees who have a physical storefront in the Quincy city limits and have been operational for over a year. Grant funds may be used for lease, rent or mortgage payments, non-city utilities, normal operation expenses, supplies required for social distancing measures, or marketing.

More information and applications forms can be found on the city of Quincy website. Applicants will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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