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A couple community members bring a TV to the e-cycle drop off on clean-up day.

The City of Quincy held its annual Spring Clean-Up Day on April 10.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. the City of Quincy accepted household refuse, scrap metal and appliances. The event was free except there was a $10 fee for appliances that contained Freon.

The city yard had six large containers for the trash. At noon, work informant Roy Echabarria estimated that they would have at least five of the six containers full by the end of the day. He said it had been a very busy morning.

Echabarria said he had been a part of the City crew for 34 years, and that when he started the clean-up day, it was all done by volunteers. Since then, the city has grown to meet that need in the community and expanded the services on the clean-up day.

Just outside the gates of the city yard, the Quincy Valley Lions Club held an e-cycle drop off. Marilyn Cordova with the Lions Club explained that the event is to accept electronics that are not supposed to end up in a landfill due to the toxic materials they contain.

The electronics they accept for recycling include computers, laptops, computer monitors, televisions and CPUs (towers).

However, electronics that weren’t accepted were printers, copiers, scanners, cell phones, cable boxes and computer mice.

Cordova said she started the yearly e-cycle event about 10 years ago after being informed at the landfill in Ellensburg that those electronics were not to be dumped.

After the day is up, The Washington Materials Management & Financing Authority (WMMFA) collects the items and takes them to the west side of Washington to be taken apart and recycled.

Echabarria said they are very appreciative of the Lions Club for their dedication to be there every year.

Other than the yearly event in Quincy, the nearest recycling center that accepts these kinds of electronics is CDSI Recycling and Buy Back Center in Ephrata.

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