For nearly a quarter-century, the Columbia Basin Foundation’s mission has been to shape and improve the future of local communities through philanthropy.

The foundation’s newest campaign launched this spring; Gather 5, is a campaign for charitable giving that encourages potential donors to set aside 5% of their estate when it comes to estate planning.

“Our goal is for people to be aware that when it comes time to do estate planning, that they will consider and know that it is a good option if they want to give to a certain organization, or set up a scholarship,” said Corinne Isaak, executive director of the Columbia Basin Foundation

Many donors open up their funds even before their passing, Isaak said. Donors may also designate their charitable funds wherever they want as well, she added.

“Most people come to us very purposeful; they want it to go to their area community organizations,” Isaak said.

Some donors want their funds to go toward churches or schools, Isaak said, adding, “in any community, there’s a variety of options.”

The foundation currently has 121 funds that serve different purposes including 54 scholarship funds. Other types of funds are fiscal sponsorship funds, field of interest funds, designated funds, donor advised funds, building and special projects funds, and agency endowment funds.

Those who are interested in contributing through Gather 5 should contact the office and set an appointment with Isaak, she said.

The foundation is also contributing to the COVID-19 recovery effort in the basin, launching the “reCOVIDery” grant program. The program aims to help nonprofits, first responders, small businesses, family services, food security, senior services, mental health services and the homeless. The foundation has been given $126,000 and will award up to $2000 to each applicant.

To apply for the grant, visit the foundation website: The deadline is May 31.

For any other questions, contact the foundation office at (509) 754-4596.

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