The city of Quincy will be installing 16 solar panel crossing signals around the city to improve pedestrian safety.

The Quincy City Council voted unanimously Feb. 4 to approve $67,232 for the installation, City Finance Officer Nancy Schanze said. The project is due to the increased traffic volume in the city caused by recent population growth, said Carl Worley, city municipal services director. Also, the realignment of neighborhood schools, the new high school and traffic across highways 28 and 281 has contributed to the need for additional signage.

The crossing signals will improve safety particularly at low light times of the day, City Engineer Ariel Belino said during a Jan. 26 city Public Utilities and Enterprise Committee meeting.

“The crossing of Highway 28 especially Third Avenue and Sixth Avenue, if it is like six o’clock in the evening it is kind of hard to see the kids crossing even with the flag,” Belino said. “If we have this flashing crosswalk sign, once they push that the people know that someone is crossing.”

At some of the locations there have been near miss collisions between drivers and pedestrians, Worley said during the committee meeting.

The locations of the crossing lights may shift by a block in one direction or another to improve results later, Worley said. Each of the crosswalk sections will have two of the flashing lights on either side.

The locations are not exact but are near the following spots:

● 16th Avenue Southwest and F Street Southwest

● Third Avenue Southwest and F Street Southwest

● Central Avenue South and 1st Street Southwest

● Sixth Avenue South and O Street Southwest

● Sixth Avenue Southeast and F Street Southeast

● Sixth Avenue Southeast and C Street Southeast

● Sixth Avenue Northeast and H Street Northeast

● Third Avenue Northeast and Jack Rabbit Way

By Tony Buhr,

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