With black chairs and sinks, gray walls and twinkly lights on a back wall, the new Diamond Salon has a specific aesthetic.

It was quite intentional, Salon Owner Gina Avalos said. She thought a lot about how she wanted the salon to look and decided on a more modern approach.

“I was kind of thinking like maybe old school like 50s with the poodle skirts,” Avalos said. “But then I was thinking that we are more modern, when we go into a salon we want to see a more modern environment.”

The Diamond Salon opened Tuesday and currently has one working stylist, Lori Lewis. It has room for four stylists in total and one open spot remaining. It costs stylists $425 a month to lease a chair and they must have their cosmetology and business licenses.

The Diamond Salon is located at 315 Central Ave. S. next to Fernando’s Barbershop. Fernando Avalos and Gina are husband and wife, so it is almost like his and hers businesses, Gina said.

The original plan was for the salon to be an extension of Fernando’s business, she said. Gina has always been in the background, helping Fernando with his plans. She is often the vision while he has the business sense. But then they got the idea to make it her business instead.

“Every day after work I come over here and work on it and one day we were sitting on the floor, eating lunch and he was like, ‘Babe, you don’t want to have the salon?’” Gina said.

Part of the reason for Gina taking control was her specific vision, Fernando said.

“She did tell me, ‘You know I’ve got a vision for this, don’t mess with it,’ he said. “So I said, ‘Okay I think the salon should be yours that way you can come out from behind the shadows.’”

Right now, the salon focuses on doing hair, but they will probably add a facial waxing station, Gina said. In the future Gina would like to do nails and even possibly expand into massage.

“I know how you feel good after a massage and I feel like being a part of helping a person get out of reality and just sit there and relax and have you work on them for an hour would be good,” she said.

One of the things she is looking forward to with managing the business is being a part of the community, Gina said. She sees how much Fernando interacts with the public at his barbershop and wants a share of that world. But she doesn’t plan to style hair herself.

“Because I see how much he interacts with everybody and I would like to be a part of that, but watch other people do that,” Gina said. “But just know that the business is mine, if that makes any kind of sense at all.”

Tony Buhr, news@qvpr.com

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