Thank you to Pioneer Metal Works hard work

The Class of 2020 made a conscious decision to try to raise community pride and team spirit alongside our fundraising journey. It has taken the entire community to not only buy in, literally, but also to spur us along. People shared social media posts, told neighbors and friends what we were up to and allowed us to sell at local school and community events. While the support has been vast and we are appreciative, a heartfelt acknowledgement must go to the crew at Pioneer Metal Works.

Pioneer Metal Works, without hesitation, made every crazy request come to life be it key chains, Christmas tree ornaments, or the biggest and best, our giant stencil of the new district-wide JACKRABBIT mascot!!

The Jacks stencil could not be more indicative of the guys at Pioneer Metal Works: solid, meticulous, and inspired. They selflessly met every (last minute) deadline while at the same time indulging my requests to “help.” Duane and Paul, you are the salt of the earth. The Class of 2020 is eternally grateful for your time and support. Thank you

Cari Horning


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