A recreation center with a basketball court and an indoor soccer field could be in Quincy’s future.

The city of Quincy put aside $9 million in its preliminary budget for the recreation center, Quincy City Administrator Pat Haley said. The recreation center is the final stage of major construction for the city after it built a new city hall, police station and fire department building.

The plans for the new recreation center are in their early stages and a study still needs to be commissioned, Haley said. In fact, Haley hopes the city will commission a plan for updates to all of its parks. He would like the city council to hire a firm to do a parks master plan.

“Instead of piecemealing this willy nilly, let’s bring in somebody who specializes in assessing what the community needs are, what resources we have and kind of master plans it,” he said.

Haley has reached out to a consultant in Denver, Colorado, about the possibility of such a study. It would cost somewhere between $65,000 to $85,000.

The city did already hire a company, NAC Architecture from Spokane, to draw up some conceptual designs for the potential recreation center, he said. The final result was a $28 million, three-building facility and city council members paused at the price tag.

“The council is like, ‘Woah, woah, that’s great that’s fun to dream, but first of all do we have the resources to do that? And is the public willing to pay what it might cost for something like that?’” Haley said.

The $9 million is what it would cost to build just phase one of the recreation center that the architectors designed, he said. Phase one includes just the athletic center and not the aquatic center or indoor soccer fields.

NAC Architecture also designed the recreation center to go into the city of Quincy’s East Park, Haley said. But it is just one option out of several the city is looking at for a location, including near Lauzier Park.

Besides the recreation center, a lot of the city’s parks need updates, he said. It’s tough to decide where the city should start spending its dollars. One of the reasons for putting the $9 million aside is in case the city decides it needs to spend the dollars elsewhere.

“For example we’ve got these two pools here, at East Park,” Haley said. “They are pretty sorry pools. There are some water issues because you have water seeping through the pool because of the canal here. So there are repairs that need to be done.”

If the city does do a master plan study of its parks, it might also provide opportunities for some other long-range plans, such as a trail system, he said. He would like to see the city build a trail along the United States Bureau of Reclamation’s West Canal connecting Lauzier and East parks, similar to the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee.

“So the idea of how much to spend, what we’re going to do with that and where it is going to be located is still being evaluated,” Haley said. “But we want to kind of move in that direction.”

By Tony Buhr

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