In response to a fatal bus collision in December, the Quincy School District has added safety measures to their buses.

The collision on Dec. 13, 2019, involved a tour bus, a passenger vehicle and a Quincy school bus. The area experienced a heavy fog that day that limited visibility and contributed to the collisions, according to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office. The additional safety measures included brighter LED hazard lights on the buses, as well as additional bus driver training regarding winter weather protocols, said Superintendent John Boyd.

In addition to the added safety measures, the district will also reevaluate the bus routes along White Trail Road where the collision occurred.

“Regarding the safety of White Trail Road, we will be sure to express our concerns and the concerns we heard from you on 12/17 to local county leaders,” according to a Quincy School District letter to families on Dec. 20.

More recently, White Trail Road closed between state route 281 and state route 28 the morning of Jan. 30 due to ice on the roadway and dense fog. The road did not reopen until about noon, according to a Grant County Sheriff’s Office press release.

The district also cancelled school on Jan. 30 due to hazardous weather conditions, according to a post on their website.

By Miles King, sports@qvpr.com

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