The two fatal collisions that occurred near Quincy last week were not similar.

The two-bus collision on Friday, Dec. 13 involved heavy fog while the fatal involving the construction truck and van collision on Monday, Dec. 16 was due to ice on the road, State Trooper John Bryant said. Several semi-trucks and other vehicles were sliding into the ditch Monday night on Highway 28 near the Trinidad Rest Area.

“You’re kind of in this shoulder season where temperatures will fluctuate between above freezing and below freezing and you’ve got moisture in the air,” Bryant said. “Well, anytime that happens you get that low 30s you need to think what are the roadways like? Are they clear is there black ice?”

They also occurred in different places, he said. The Friday collision was on White Trail Road near the intersection with Road R Northwest. The Monday collision was on Highway 28 near White Trail Road.

A lot of the collisions that happen this time of year are due to people driving too fast for conditions, he said. People should reduce their speed and add distance between them and the vehicle in front.

“A lot of folks get in too much of a hurry and that roadway on Highway 28 between Quincy and the Wenatchee Valley is a busy road,” Bryant said.

There is also a lot of traffic from taking White Trail Road as a shortcut, he said. It may be safer for drivers to take highways 28 and 281 through Quincy instead. There are fewer curves on the two highways opposed to White Trail Road.

By Tony Buhr

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