Unseasonably warm and hilly as ever, the Connell Invitational Cross Country Meet proved every bit the challenge the Jacks’ XC team was expecting.

Not only did the competition prove stiff, but the runners had to contend with a tough, dusty course, complete with a muscle-shredding hill that puts the strongest set of calves to the test.

The Jacks ran well, but most of them fell a minute or two shy of their personal records, co-head coach Ruth Royer wrote in a text message exchange.

“I think it was a good challenge for them,” at this point in the season, she added.

Teamwise, Quincy’s boys squad finished in 23rd place, with 597 points, ahead of Tri-Cities Prep, Richland and Elgin. Quincy’s girls squad finished in 18th place with 480 points, ahead of White Swan.

In the varsity girls’ race, Marisol Uribe finished in 94th place with a time of 28 minutes, 40 seconds. Brenda Uribe finished in 114th place with a time of 31 minutes, 41 seconds. Ruth Flores finished in 123rd place with a time of 35 minutes, 46 seconds. Luz Aragon finished in 127th place with a time of 36 minutes, 43 seconds. Two spots behind Aragon, Clairese Snyder finished with a time of 38:06 minutes. Two spots behind Snyder, Yeslin Ramos finished with a time of 38:55 minutes.

In the varsity boys’ race, Levi Kukes finished in 83rd place with 20 minutes, 26 seconds. Ecduy Gordillo finished in 97th place with 20:54 minutes. Israel Perez finished in 126th place with 21 minutes, 55 seconds. Adiel Sandoval finished in 156th place with 23:56 minutes. Brandon Gonzalez finished in 181st place with 26:52 minutes. Alan Rivera finished in 184th place with 28:03 minutes.

In the junior varsity boys’ race, Alexis Birrueta finished in 87th place with a time of 23 minutes, 49 seconds. Gunner Webb finished in 173rd place with a time of 28 minutes, 57 seconds.

Next up for the Jacks is a trip to Leavenworth on Oct. 2 for the Leavenworth Invitational at Ski Hill.

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