This week has made for some uncertain times, making many people anxious and fearful. On top of that parents have been faced with the stress of trying to find things for kids to do at home.

Mother of two, Jennifer Webb, has decided to stay home as much as possible to help protect her family.

“We’ve been staying in,” Webb said. “Both my girls are still continuing online classes so I’ve been cooking and finding projects that need to be done around the house and just enjoying family time.”

Teacher Andie Larsen has been working closely with multiple parents to set up plans for their kids.

“This is a scary uncertain time,” Larsen added. “I’m just trying my best to support as many students and parents as I can.”

To help during the outbreak, Quincy Recreation is working on some take-home painting projects. They stated that once they get that one going, they will look into some STEM projects next.

“Those are the plans we have right now,” said Russ Harrington, Quincy Recreation coordinator. “It’s taking a little more work to get them set up and organized, but they should be fun once they are rolling.”

Some projects may be ready by the end of the week, he said. People can look at the Quincy Recreation Facebook page for updates.

Aime Schaapman said that her girls are doing a lot of physical activities like riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline and lots of basketball, working on their shots. They’ve also decorated a lot of sidewalks while at home, did some baking, cooked meals, worked on math, read and did their devotions.

Staying shut in has been challenging for Katie Clark’s family, since she has multiple children doing online education, as well as students in the district. They have found some ways of coping.

Clark’s son, Hunter, who goes to public school, is left waiting to see what will happen next. Her daughter, Jordan, is a senior and was accepted to Big Bend Community College for fall.

“She is pretty bummed about how the end of senior year might go,” Clark said. “Hunter and Jordan both are missing being around friends and doing the school stuff. Jordan was looking forward to all the FFA events coming up, she is the chair of the parliamentary procedure team and they had to miss districts for FFA.”

Clark also reported that her kids have been learning how to cook at home. The girls have figured out how to make breakfast bowls. They chop up cooked bacon, scrambled eggs, cooked shredded hash browns, chives, salt, pepper, and melted cheese, all mixed together.

“They’ve gotten pretty good at it,” Clark said.

For those people stuck at home here are some websites for online educational engagement:

NASA Kids website engages children in STEM activities with games, videos and stories.

ABCya! has math activities for many age groups and they are all related to common core learning.

This website will direct parents to 11 free reading websites.

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