QUINCY — The Grant County Health District on Friday confirmed a second case of COVID-19 in Quincy.

A Quincy man in his 60s has been confirmed to have the virus. He was in close contact with the Quincy man in his 80s who died from disease earlier this month, according to a Grant County Health District news release.

The health district has a list of people the man in his 60s was in contact with and has instructed those people to self quarantine, said Theresa Adkinson, Grant County Health District administrator.

“And we’ll be checking in with them on a pretty regular basis,” Adkinson said. “If they get symptomatic we’ll arrange for them to get tested and go from there.”

The man in his 60s is isolated and is not showing severe signs of illness, according to the news release.

In addition, a man in his 40s is a presumed positive for COVID-19 in south Grant County, according to the news release. The man did travel abroad recently. He is currently hospitalized.

At this time the health district expects additional cases to be confirmed in the community, according to the news release.

There are no longer specific locations in Quincy that people should avoid, Adkinson said. People should assume that the virus is in the community at this point and take safety precautions.

“I don’t want the Quincy community fixating on specific locations anymore those days are past and now it is about we know it is in the community,” Adkinson said. “I don’t want you to feel any safer in one location or another or more at risk in one local or another.”

People don’t need to self-quarantine, instead they need to take safety measures to mitigate their exposure, she said.

“So I wash my hands, but then I touch a door knob and I could get infected,” Adkinson said. “But if it's in a facility that is now not open to the public I’ve got two layers of protection in place.”

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