County Commissioner Cindy Carter, seeking a fifth term in office, leads opponents Jeff Foster and Dan DeLano after the first ballot count of the 2022 primaries. 

Carter tallied 1,570 votes, good enough for 55.4 percent of the vote, while Foster tallied 690, good enough for 24.36 percent, and Delano gathered 541 votes, or 19.1 percent. 

The initial results, issued by the Grant County Elections Office shortly after 8 p.m. on Election Day, surprised Carter, who was expecting a much different outcome.

“I knew Jeff was going to win” she said of Foster, who was seeking a rematch against Carter after a narrow defeat four years ago. “Jeff knew he was going to win. I am shocked I came out ahead.”

Asked what made her come out ahead again, Carter said she did not know, even after more than half a dozen elections, both primary and general. 

“You don’t know how many people you tick off when you are in office,” she said. “You do try really hard to get along with everybody, whether they voted for you or not. I represent all walks of life in my district.”

About 2,833 in-district votes had been counted, with at least 1,500 countywide votes still left to be counted, in addition to those that only made it to ballot boxes on Election Day. The next ballot count is scheduled for next Friday, and the election certification date is set for Aug. 16. 

Foster said that the results of this primary vote were “pretty much as I expected.”

“I knew that Mr. DeLano and I were going to split up the votes that did not go to Miss Carter,” Foster said. “I’m sure there are still many votes left to be counted.”

Moreover, Foster said “I plan to do everything I can to get elected in November.”

When reached for comment DeLano sounded optimistic about his chances. 

“I still see there’s a chance,” he said. “We are a couple of hundred (votes) off Jeff’s numbers so I’m still hopeful.” The only thing between himself and winning this primary was the fact that he did not get in front of more people, he added.

If things don’t break his way, DeLano said he would “definitely” run for office again. 

“I’ve heard enough stories in my campaign booths that I can’t not be active,” he said. “For the next four years, I’m going to be active on those issues I was made aware of in those conversations.”

Lastly, asked if he would consider endorsing any of the top-two finishers if he stays in third place DeLano said “We are different enough that I would not feel comfortable endorsing either of the two.”


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