On May 12, the Grant County Board of Commissioners issued a press release about the power of the county government and included a copy of the most recent letter they sent to Gov. Jay Inslee.

In the press release, the Board of Commissioners addressed that they do not have the authority to open the county, only the Governor does. They have sent numerous letters to the Governor in hopes of a reconsideration of opening Grant County, according to the release.

The latest letter to Inslee, dated May 4, demanded “answers and solutions” to restore the “crumbling economy.”

In the letter, the Board of Commissioners boldly stated, “It is a disgrace to the state and to the Governor’s office that you have chosen to ignore the people. Instead, you have decided to spend your time building the “Western Regional Pact.” Washingtonians must come first. As commissioners, we question how you have had the time and resources to work with Governors from California, Oregon, Colorado and Nevada, yet have failed to communicate with local leaders in this state who represent the very people you were elected to serve.”

Cindy Carter, Chair for the Board of commissioners, said they are in constant communication with Salvador Salazar, the Central Washington Regional Outreach Representative in the Governor’s Office. In this communication, they are getting clarification on proclamations by Inslee and what that means for Grant County specifically.

As of May 18, Carter said that they have not heard back from the Governor.

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