The old ShopKo building, on the west side of Quincy, will be the new home for a Dollar Tree store.

According to site superintendent Matthew Manville, the building, which is located on 13th Avenue Southwest just south of the roundabout, is divided into two separate sections to hold two new businesses.

The west facing section, where the front door to ShopKo was located, will hold the Dollar Tree store. The other half of the building, which does not have a prominent main entrance, has no current business in place but is receiving bids, according to building owner Pat Kofmehl.

The current opening date for the Dollar Tree is July 31, Kofmehl said. There is no information on if or when there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony or grand opening for the store.

“I think Dollar Tree will do really well in Quincy, it fits the market” said City Administrator Pat Haley.

The Quincy ShopKo closed in the spring of 2019 after the company declared chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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