In addition to the Quincy Valley Medical Center’s levy vote, two other public offices in the region appeared on a ballot this month.

One such race occurred in George, where city council member Julia Schooler faced two opponents in her primary race.

Schooler emerged in first place, earning 16 out of 37 votes, good enough for 43.24 percent,, and in the process earning a spot in November’s general election ballot.

Her opponent in the fall will be John Ammons, who earned 12 out of 37 total ballots, good enough for 32.43 percent and second place. Third place went to Katrina Rodriguez with nine votes and 24.32 percent.

In Washington’s primary system, aptly named “top-two,” the top two candidates advance to the primaries, regardless of party affiliation.

The other race for public office in the Valley focused on the Quincy School District. Incumbent Liliana Garcia earned a spot in the November ballot but will have to mount a comeback if she wants to keep her seat.

Garcia finished in second place with 423 votes, good enough for 27.74 percent. Chad Lower took first place, with 769 votes, good enough for 50.43 percent. Former board member Henry Hernandez finished in third with 323 votes and 21.18 percent.

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