The 2020 Quincy Farmer-Consumer Awareness Day (FCAD) has been cancelled.

The event, which normally happens on the second Saturday in September, has been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There have been many uncertainties with everything, it takes more than a two to three week plan to put this together,” said Wyman Duggan, President of the advisory board for FCAD.

Duggan said that the Grant County Health Department told them that nothing could happen until Phase 4 and they did not think they could not foreseeably meet that by the time FCAD was to happen.

“It was an awful hard decision to make but we had to do it, we didn’t have a choice,” Duggan said.

According to the Quincy Valley Chamber of Commerce FCAD website, FCAD started in 1981 when Dennis Higashiyama was listening to the Paul Harvey show on the radio. He heard a story that illustrated how farmers and consumers had drifted apart, leaving many people with little or no understanding about how food actually arrives on their grocery store shelves. He felt like something should be done. This was how FCAD was created nearly 40 years ago.

FCAD is a one day event that includes tours to processing plants, displays of arts and crafts, a quilt show, booths and food, community car show, tractor pull, live music and parade.

“For farmers, FCAD is an opportunity to show off the fruits of their labor and demonstrate the tools and techniques that they use in their work. For the public, it’s a great way to learn about where your groceries come from and to talk to the people who grow them for a living,” according to the website.

“A lot of people are pretty disappointed, people get to see people they haven’t seen in a year, it’s quite a social event,” Duggan said, adding that they are already planning for next year.

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