With the pandemic disrupting everyday life and many group activities, the annual Quincy farmers market was forced to make changes, but that did not hinder its success.

The biggest challenge the market saw was the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic itself. Between changing guidelines and new mandates, the ability to have a market at all came into question.

The second change was the location of the market being moved from Lauzier Park to the Quincy Valley Historical Society and Museum (QVHSM). Due to COVID-19, city parks were closed and forced the market to move if it was to try to continue.

Luckily, the market was able to team up with the QVHSM, a nonprofit, in order to have an outdoor area to put up stands.

The location of the market being moved was a “wonderful blessing in disguise,” said Chelsea Putnam, co-manager of the Quincy Farmers Market.

The market saw new vendors, was easier to access due to its new location and was well trafficked by the public, which all accumulated to the success of the market this year. Putnam said that she feels like it was more successful this year than it was in year’s past, but that she was grateful that they were able to have a market at all.

The last market, which was scheduled for Sept. 19, was cancelled due to the bad air quality in Quincy that had been in the area for the last two weeks.

It is unknown where the location of the market will be next year, but it’s fair to say, almost nothing will stand in its way.

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