FCAD to honor anniversary of 9/11

The flags, above, are flags that are draped over a veteran’s casket when they pass away. Families from the Quincy Valley donated the casket flags for the cemetery to display on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

At this year’s Farmer Consumer Awareness Day parade, one man is heading up a new idea for the parade-goers to honor the anniversary of 9/11.

Carl Yeates, a commissioner for the Quincy Valley Cemetery, is taking charge to arrange community members to carry veteran casket flags in the FCAD parade.

The flags are veteran casket flags that were donated to the cemetery for flying on Memorial Day and Veterans Day by family members of the veteran(s) who passed away. Each flag has the service member’s name and rank written on it.

The purpose of carrying the casket flags in the parade, right behind the color guard, is to honor the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks since FCAD will occur on the 20th anniversary date.

Yeates said he will assign two people to each flag to carry and if someone does not bring a partner, that he will find them one.

Yeates said he was asked by a community member he respected to do this and he thought it was a great idea. He declined to identify the person.

The cemetery has more than 200 casket flags in its possession that families have donated. While he does not expect enough people to turn out to carry all of the flags, Yeates hopes to have as many people participate as possible.

Anyone who would like to participate by carrying one of the flags in the parade may meet at 9 a.m. on Sept. 11 next to the Swim and Gym, where a trailer with the flags will be parked. Yeates will direct members on what they will need to know, and hand them a flag.

“If any family in Quincy would like to carry their family member’s casket flag for the parade, we will make it happen,” Yeates said.

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