Friday night lights are back again and the Jacks football team is going to take it one week at a time and focus on improving rather than worry about what is on the scoreboard.

This year the Jacks have enough players signed up for a varsity and junior varsity team but not for a C squad. “We’re trying to build up numbers and interest and get kids to stay committed,” Head Coach Gregg McMillan said.

McMillan talked about how grateful players and coaches are to have a normal season and that it has motivated more students to turn out this season and work harder. The coaching staff this season is the same as who coached last football season.

“We don’t have any specific goals for a number of wins, we’re just trying to get better,” McMillan said. He spoke about how short the last season was with only four games. The already shortened season for the 2020-2021 football year came to an abrupt end when the final three games were cancelled after a Quincy player tested positive for COVID-19.

Quincy has 10 games in three months this season. “Our goal is to be competitive in all those games. I don’t know how many wins that’s going to equate to but we’re going to try to put up a good fight,” said McMillan. He said their challenge is to make themselves better as individual players and as a team.

McMillan said they are looking at two players for the quarterback position, but doesn’t want to name a starter until the first game. He hopes that the defense will be the strength of the team this season. Some names to watch include Sergio Cordova, Gavin Longwill, David Medina and Kenny Thompson, McMillan said.

“One of our team mottoes is ‘start, finish’. Start a play, finish a play, start a practice, finish a practice, start a season, finish a season,” said McMillan.

“We’re going to take it one week at a time, and hope that we can play a full season,” McMillan said. They are looking forward to seeing the stands filled with spectators cheering them on, he said

Football season kicks off this Friday at 7 p.m. at Jackrabbit Stadium versus Okanogan.

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