Grant Public Utilities District commissioners unanimously passed a $380.6 million budget for 2021, and without any need for a rate increase, according to a press release.

The budget invests in employees and assets, continues to roll-out new technologies and controls costs. The PUD avoided raising power rates for the third year in a row.

The budget aligns with top PUD priorities: reliable electric service, good customer service, clear communications and low rates. It includes $143.6 million in operations and maintenance, which is $17 million more than the 2020 budget. In total, the capitol budget is $2.6 million more than the 2020 budget.

The electric system accounts for the $73.7 million of the total $142.6 million operations and maintenance budget. Investment in substations and transmission drive that figure along with $11 million accounted for additional fiber-optic network expansion. Power production also accounts for $69.7 million with major drivers including $16 million for right-bank improvement at Priest Rapids Dam and continued turbine rehabilitation.

Total expenditures of $380.6 million are offset by $102.1 million in revenues including money paid by customers to build infrastructure and wholesale power sales. The budget total of $278.4 million reflects these offsets, according to the press release.

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