On March 25, the Quincy Jacks Cross Country raced in Wenatchee at a 2A/1A Championship.

Walla Walla Point Park was bustling Thursday afternoon with runners, coaches, spectators and just regular people enjoying a day at the park.

The girls finished as follows:

  • Jane Kennedy, 9th; 21:24.3
  • Marisol Uribe, 26th; 25:56.6
  • Bridget Jones, 32nd; 27:24.2
  • Ruth Flores, 40th; 33:27.3

The boys finished as follows:

  • Levi Kukes, 39th; 20:01.5
  • Ecduy Gorillo, 52nd; 21:09.3
  • Kevin Calixto, 54th; 21:12.8
  • Israel Perez, 59th; 21:34.1
  • Adiel Sandoval, 81st; 24:57.4
  • Alexis Birrueta, 82nd; 25:15.5
  • Emmanuel Birrueta, 83rd; 25:21.9
  • Alan Rivera, 88th; 26:57.2
  • Brandon Gonzalez, 91st; 35:37.7

They will be racing at Walla Walla Point Park again Thursday, April 1 for the Cross Country Championships. So far, 19 other teams are listed to participate.

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