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The Lady Jacks watched the penalty shootout in dismay as Cascade made all five goals.

Thursday night the Lady Jacks suffered their first and only league loss to Cascade in a penalty shootout after neither team could break a 3-3 tie. April 1 was senior night at Jackrabbit Stadium and the last game of the season for the girls soccer team.

In the first half, Quincy immediately took possession of the ball. Despite the ball staying on the Lady Jacks offensive side of the field, they did not make the first score of the game until 10 minutes in. Emily Wurl made the first goal, enticing a large roar from the crowd. Within three minutes Wurl had another score, bringing the Lady Jacks lead to 2-0.

With eight minutes remaining in the first half, the Kodiaks made their first goal during a penalty kick. Five minutes later Wurl scored a penalty kick which brought the score to 3-1 at the end of the first half.

Coming back in the second half, Cascade stepped up their game and scored twice within 20 minutes. This brought the score to a tie of 3-3. Despite multiple shot attempts by both sides, the score at the end of the second half was still 3-3 sending the game into overtime.

As the game progressed, spectators in the crowd were more and more encapsulated in the close game, resulting in lots of yelling and cheering from the stands.

Overtime was two five-minute halves. The Lady Jacks fought hard defending their goal from Cascade players while not quite being able to overcome the Cascade defense. Neither team was able to score in overtime, sending them into a five attempt penalty shootout.

Quincy missed their first shot but followed up by making the four after that. Cascade did not miss a single shot in the penalty shootout resulting in Cascade’s victory and final score of the game 4-3.

Lots of tears could be seen from the Lady Jacks as they made their way off the field.

Coach Francisco Tafoya said seeing the girls so upset was a tough one to swallow. He said he told them when they got off the field that they had nothing to be ashamed of. He was proud of the hard work they put in this season.

“They played hard and played well, we couldn’t ask more than that of them,” Tafoya said.

The Lady Jacks end the season with a conference record of 3-1 and overall record of 8-3.

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