Cleanup work

Summer Sahli (far left) was caught cleaning the bump out on March 10 with her helpers.

For the past few years, I have been silently helping care for a Bump Out in Quincy. I’ve planted Iris plants, bushes and flowers, tried to get rid of a nuisance Elm tree, busted my favorite shovel and occasionally dumped a few extra buckets of water on it. Upkeep on it isn’t for attention, money or for required “volunteer time.” I am definitely not bored or need more to do and I am not always timely with its attention. It’s not the prettiest one with the most flowers or decorations, I care for it to be nice. Kind passerby’s stop to offer tools, folks wave, honk and smile. This year a few photos were taken. My secret is out.

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a young fella named Dane Boorman (14), who had just moved to Quincy. I asked if he’d like to lend me a helping hand if I saw the need sometime. He jumped for the chance and gladly said, “yup, I’m in!” Last week, Dane went into action with the Bump Out. He eagerly ripped, pulled, raked, filled three garbage cans with debris and even properly trimmed the iris plants. All with a smile on his face and a great can-do attitude. How long has it been since you’ve been as pleasant and gracious as Dane without asking for something in return?

Three other great guys joined in as Good Samaritans to help out. They were Damon Sahli, Palmer Boorman and Caden Cameron. They were representing their family, their town and are all extremely active members of Quincy FFA and 4-H. That’s one of the best qualities of FFA and 4-H kids. They have good hearts and are always up for a challenge. These guys are just flat nice. I repeatedly told them how grateful that I was for their help, how proud I was of them and took them to lunch.

This afternoon I asked Dane a few questions about helping out. Dane said, “it felt pretty good to lend a hand because people don’t help out like they should these days. I think people don’t help because they think there’s workers for everything and they should always get paid. When other people saw us working, they were staring at us and thought we were in trouble. But we weren’t in trouble we were just out there having fun and lending a helping hand to Mama Summer.”

Dane and a few of his buddies wanted to help me with a quiet little project on a sunny day to brighten spirits and give back to our community. Little old Quincy is a kind-hearted and respectable town to live with nice people. Sharing our lives by fluffing up a flowerbed is the least we could do to give back. Hopefully, people will follow our lead and do a little something nice this week. Take care all.

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