Danny Stone

Danny Stone

What motivates or drives you to run for public office?

Stewardship motivates my involvement in civic affairs. I’m concerned about the future of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in our nation. I believe people of integrity, proven leadership and common sense need to step up to serve at all levels of government. If not, we won’t have a wonderful place to hand off to our children and grandchildren. That’s why I’ve chosen to run. I want to do my part to take care of this great county we live in. I want to serve my neighbors and be a blessing to them and those who come after us.

What qualifications do you think make you an ideal candidate for county commissioner?

Proven leadership ability – I’ve overseen multiple corporations, coached athletics successfully for many years and organized multiple overseas service trips for groups. I’ve also served in leadership of several non-profit organizations.

Integrity – I strongly believe that a person needs to be the same person in public as they are in private. Integrity is also knowing right from wrong and doing the right thing even when it hurts.

Common sense – Growing up on the farm, we did the best with what we had. A common sense approach to utilizing taxpayer funds will direct my fiscal decision-making on behalf of those taxpayers.

What are your priorities for commissioner? And/or for your district specifically?

These priorities are for my district and the county as a whole. They are listed in no particular order.

• Responsible use of taxpayer funds

• Helping rebuild from the effects of COVID-19

• Support for law enforcement

• Advocating for our agricultural community

• Providing for the safe and reliable movement of people, goods and services

• Protecting our most vulnerable

• Responsibly take on drug addiction and homelessness issues

• Protect private property rights

• Support healthy economic development.

Why should voters vote for you?

First of all, because I don’t need the job. I’m seeking this position so I can serve my fellow citizens. I have other work and other opportunities, but I feel running for this position is something I should do at this time in my life.

Secondarily, because I don’t need position, power or prestige in my life. I just try to do the right things so as to leave a positive legacy.

Third, I have the life experience, the leadership successes, common sense, the ability to learn quickly, sound core principles, etc. to do a good job for Grant County.

Any extra comments or information you think is important to note?

I would invite the readers to learn more about me at https://votedannystone.com

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