Earl Romig

Earl Romig

What motivates or drives you to run for public office?

My father taught me the enjoyment derived in serving your community and those within it. My service began as an Ephrata Volunteer Firefighter at 16. After graduating from WSU, I served as a Grant County Sheriff’s Deputy. I absolutely loved my job and serving the citizens of Grant County. However, a bullet brought my law enforcement service to a tragic end. I was not allowed to decide my future as a deputy, a bullet made the decision for me. Overcoming my injuries taught me many invaluable lessons, and I am now prepared to resume my public service.

What qualifications do you think make you an ideal candidate for county commissioner?

My upbringing in a values-based family and my college degree alone provide me with qualifications. However, I believe the experiences of the last 12 years are my greatest asset. To be struck down by a severely paralyzing bullet in my 20’s provided me the opportunity to either give in or get up. I chose to get up! I own and operate two businesses, one in ag and the other in real estate. My understanding of running successful businesses and working with others clearly prepares me for this position. It is my perseverance and determination to overcome the huge obstacles that provides me the humility to truly serve the citizens of this county.

What are your priorities for commissioner? And/or for your district specifically?

My priorities are public safety, rebuilding from the economic devastation COVID has brought, public involvement, and streamlining the building permitting process. A new jail must be built to serve the needs of not only today but for many years into the future. With the passage of the sales tax increase, a new jail and more deputies are a priority. Transparency and involving more citizens in county government can only enhance Grant County. It is imperative to simplify and make permitting more user friendly. Doing so will attract new industries and home building.

Why should voters vote for you?

Voting for me is a vote for integrity, transparency, humility and education. I also have new ideas and a true desire to serve. In today’s difficult and divisive political times, the need for experienced public servants is imperative and will bring about a better future for all Grant County residents and businesses. My history painfully prepared me to make decisions based on the good of all without considering personal benefits. Bringing the county back to its pre-COVID strength will take strong leadership and citizen participation. Together we can help rebuild businesses and bring more jobs to Grant County.

Any extra comments or information you think is important to note?

To receive your vote to be a steward of your tax dollars and direct the future of Grant County would be humbling. I promise you my absolute dedication to this position. I will seek your opinions and vote in an honorable and representative manner. I will bring the Grant County Commission to the citizens to keep you better informed of the goals, problems, and future of your county government. Overcoming the obstacles I have faced has prepared me to serve without a personal agenda and to persevere through the difficult times while representing the needs and desires of all citizens.

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