Rob Jones

What motivates or drives you to run for public office?

Public office has an immediate impact on daily life in the community, and the opportunity to make a positive difference is what motivates and drives me to run for Grant County Commissioner. I have strong commitment to budgets, building relationships in local communities, property rights, economic development and improving low-income areas.

What qualifications do you think make you an ideal candidate for county commissioner?

Qualifications for an ideal candidate would be good listener, have strong multitasking skills, pro-economic growth, progressive minded and be focused on having an open line of communication with the people of the county. I have a variety of experiences that make it possible for me to understand and relate to a wide demographic of people. I am accessible and relatable, and will operate with an open door policy and will listen to your questions, concerns or ideas. I am a pro-business

small business owner with experience from Main Street to the county fair. As a

commercial and residential property owner I understand the importance of

property rights and will open mindedly listen to you and your questions or


What are your priorities for commissioner? And/or for your district specifically?

Economic recovery.

-Aid small business and make decisions that drive economic progression. Open

Potato Hill Road to UTV/ATVs, (as well as other parts of the county).

Operating with communication and transparency.

-I want you to have answers to your questions. This can be achieved through

quarterly town hall meetings.

Building countywide relationships between organizations and municipalities.

-Working together with different organizations and municipalities to create the best

Grant County. From the beginning I will get involved with the Watershed Council,

and aid in helping find a solution for the blue green algae problem in Moses Lake.

Why should voters vote for you?

I am a forward thinking, pro business small business owner. I understand the

importance of building relationships to accomplish countywide goals, and will be

available to listen and work for answers and solutions. I am a commercial and

residential property owner who has been directly impacted by the COVID-19

pandemic, and understand the importance of getting back in a positive direction.

Any extra comments or information you think is important to note?

During these unprecedented times we need a commissioner who is available,

responsive, and understands how private business operates and is willing to be a voice for them. Someone who is involved in community events, attends their assigned board meetings and listens to the people of Grant County. As a commissioner, I will listen to you and use my elected voice to portray your feelings

and concerns to the appropriate elected officials, departments and county board


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