Eduardo Castaneda Diaz

Eduardo Castaneda Diaz

Eduardo Castaneda Diaz

Eduardo Castaneda Diaz is running for Legislative District 13 Position 1.

Diaz spoke of three goal areas he has for office. “My first goal is to help others become part of their election process,” Diaz said. “I want to help bring democracy into our states by helping everybody register to vote. I want to inspire everybody to be involved in their civic process.”

He also hopes to tackle environmental issues in Washington in regards to the fires and develop disaster preparation programs. “Adequately funding” first responders and firefighters who are fighting the fires in North Central Washington is also a priority, Diaz added.

“I also want to unequivocally support and protect the immigrant community,” he said. He spoke of his parents being formerly undocumented when they were teenagers and said, “I want to make that known if elected, that you finally have somebody who’s not going to be against you in a place that is so rich in immigrants.”

The most pressing issue for Diaz coming into office would be the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic budget will have to be adjusted due to lower revenue, and that a lot of hard choices would have to be made.

Diaz said that his qualifications to hold this position include being a lifelong resident of District 13, being bilingual, his experience as an agricultural worker, currently working toward a Master’s Degree in public policy, serving nearly six years in the U.S. Army National Guard Reserves, and having nearly 10 years of community service in areas of environmental and immigration causes.

After thinking of running for years, Diaz said that the Coronavirus pandemic changed things and that he felt that he was more qualified than his opponent, Tom Dent. So, he decided to file his name into office for candidacy. He did not feel that the current leadership was an adequate representative of our region.

Some of the challenges of the position that Diaz recognized he would face would be working across the aisle and advocating for the needs of everyone regardless of political party. As a Democrat, he says that he can overcome this challenge because he has grown up with a large Republican influence and is very relatable to Republicans. He feels that there is more common ground between his more liberal views and the views of most Republicans than people may believe.

Diaz cited that citizens should vote for him because his campaign donations come from individuals in Washington State and emphasized that he does not take money from big corporations, unlike what he claims his opponent does.

“I cannot stress this enough, even if I don’t win, I wish my community to be a stepping stone for future generations of Quincyites to go out there and be advocates in their own right,” Diaz said.

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