Kevin McCrae

Kevin McCrae

Kevin McCrae is running for Grant County Superior Court Judge Position 2. He has been a prosecuting attorney for Grant County for 10 years.

In his 10 years as a prosecuting attorney for Grant County, he has worked in almost every aspect of the office including juvenile and superior court. He is currently the Grant County Chief Deputy Prosecutor for Civil and Appellate issues.

McCrae said he is running for judgeship because he thinks there is a need in the county. He explained that there needs to be three full time judges and that those judges need to be able to move things forward.

If elected, helping people get through their problems will be his favorite part and feels that keeping the right amount of separation would be the hardest part of the position. “You don’t want to be so close to people that you are on one side or the other, but you don’t want to be so far away that you get stuck in an ivory tower and lose sight,” McCrae said.

“I have the temperament, wisdom and commitment to public service necessary to serve as superior court judge. I have a reputation for fairness, honesty and integrity to both sides. A judge needs to be fair, knowledgeable, respectful to all sides and show good judgment. I have developed a reputation for all of those qualities. I believe it is a judge’s duty to follow the law, not make the law,” states McCrae’s campaign website.

“One of the big things about being a prosecutor that helps you transition to being a judge, is a prosecutor is interested in the just and legal outcome, they don’t represent a particular person,” McCrae said. “So I think being a prosecutor helps you see the overall picture and be unbiased instead of focusing on what’s best for one person.”

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