Microsoft is adding to and expanding its data centers in Quincy.

The company broke ground on an expansion of its Columbia Data Center in October 2019 at 501 Port Industrial Way, according to a Microsoft news release and building permit documents. In addition, the company also cleared dirt along a site east of Road S Northwest and north of Road F in preparation for a new data center.

The expansion of the Columbia Data Center will help Microsoft expand its data capacity by about 3% for its customers when fully operational, according to the news release. The company hopes to finish construction by this summer.

The cost to expand the Columbia Data Center is about $26.6 million, according to building permit documents.

Microsoft believes that the use of data centers is the future of technology, according to the news release. Data is an infinite resource and companies are grappling with how best to gather, store and make sense of data.

Cloud computing allows intelligent software to quickly analyze data and take action, accelerating the pace of innovations and economic growth, according to the news release.

The company did not give a name for the data center it is building on Road S Northwest or a completion date, according to the news release.