Raceways Technology held a ribbon-cutting to celebrate its factory’s successful launching at Quincy Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours on Aug. 19.

The Raceways location originally broke ground in August of 2019. They finished building in the late summer of 2020 but did not start manufacturing until January of this year. Raceways produces and sells products for underground, communications, fiber optic, power and utility use that include PVC sweeps/elbows, PVC Fabricated fittings, Fiberglass sweeps/elbows, stocking PVC electrical conduit and HPDE (Inner duct) conduit.

When they first opened their doors, they had not reached full manufacturing capacity, and still aren’t, but remain on track to reach that goal by the end of the year, said owner Josh Paul.

After COVID-19 forced delays in building and manufacturing, the Company sits at 80 percent capacity at the Quincy facility, which is why Paul felt like it was a good time to host the ribbon-cutting.

The Raceways crew cooked up a pig, tail and all, for the event. Attendees had several kinds of meat and sides available, such as rice and muscles. The loading doors remained open to bring in fresh air and light, and the hosts had set up tables inside the factory for the visitors.

After everyone sat and began digging into their meals, Paul stood at the front with his family and gave a small speech thanking everyone for coming. Then their son, Max, did the honorary ribbon cutting.

Paul said that he is happy to be able to support the Columbia Basin and keep revenue local. His company serves areas across the Pacific Northwest.

Paul said he plans to break ground again on his Quincy location in 2023 to build a second factory for PVC extrusion, to make their own PVC products instead of customizing already produced PVC.

Paul’s grandfather, Steve Sr. founded Raceways Technology in 1979 in Tacoma when Paul was only 1 year old. Steve Sr. laid the groundwork before Steve Jr. took over the company in 1993. After growing up in the factory and becoming like family with the employees, Paul took reins from his father, Steve Jr., in the summer of 2014. Paul taking over made Raceways a third-generation family-owned business. Paul said his children come to work with him all the time and feels like one day they will want to take over the family business just like he and his father did.

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