We are so very fortunate to have a great shelter in Quincy. Manager Issela Navarro and her staff Bianca Kvavle and Daniel Reyes have worked hard to meet the many challenges over the past year that we all had to face due to COVID-19.They’ve had to restrict the number of people coming into the shelter and at one point closed under Governor Inslee’s stay in place order in March (2020). The good news is that animal adoptions were up last year.

People may have had more time to bring home a cat or a dog. Pets can provide companionship, increase outdoor activities and help with anxiety, depression and loneliness. Last month the shelter adopted out 23 dogs and nine cats; good numbers for a shelter our size.

Pets available at the shelter are posted on PetFinder.com or on the “Adopt A Pet” column each Wednesday in the Quincy Valley Post-Register.

We appreciate the help and support of the wonderful community, stay safe and well.

What our furry friends need:

We can always use help to foster animals too young or are unable to be in the shelter. Please let us know if you can help. It’s a rewarding experience.

Our dogs could use KONG dog toys in all sizes from XS-XL. These toys keep the dogs busy, stimulate the brain and keep them from getting bored. Also needed are herbal dog calming treats. Cats and kittens could use kitten formula and warming pads.

Pet training tip: 

An exercised dog is a happy dog. Rule of paw for puppies is 10 minutes for every month of life. This helps keep soft puppy bones from being overworked or cause later damage to bone when older. Larger sporting breeds will need a minimum of an hour a day and sometimes more. Every dog likes to get out of the house or yard to sniff and explore their world. One of the things to consider before adopting a dog is how much time you have to spend with a dog to exercise. The staff at the shelter can help you choose the right pet. Call 509-787-4718 ext. 2

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