New judge Nick Wallace puts on his new judicial robe with help from his wife Theresa.

Nick Wallace was sworn in at the Grant County Courthouse in Ephrata on Monday.

The courtroom was full of family, friends and acquaintances there to support Wallace for the ceremony.

After he took his oath, his wife Theresa brought his new Judicial robe over and helped him put it on. The whole courtroom laughed when he struggled to zip the robe up and his daughter, Madeline, had to help.

When asked why he chose to attend law school, Wallace said he did not like living in Western Washington and wanted to open his options up to other areas than just Seattle or Tacoma.

“There was nothing in particular, I saw it as a means to be able to go wherever I wanted in the State of Washington because I figured if I had a law degree, I could go to any community.”

Wallace said he thought he was uniquely qualified to be a judge because he has practiced law in Grant County for 25 years and has worked cases in many different areas, as well as his experience being a part-time judge in Grant County Superior Court a handful of years back.

“And I thought what better way of serving the public than taking that knowledge and bringing it into the courtroom,” Wallace said.

“I will apply the law as written, it’s not my job to judge what’s fair or unfair, what’s just or unjust, it’s my job to take whatever the law that’s been passed and apply that to the facts that are before me,” Wallace said. “And I will do my absolute best.”

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