In 2021, a group of residents signed a petition and stated their requests for changes in the speed limit on two sections of the road. Here is an excerpt from their petition.

Dear Grant County Commissioners:

Given that Grant County increased the speed limit from 35 mph to 45 mph on Road 5 NW between Highway 281 and Road R NW and;

Given the 60 mph posted speed limit on Road 5 NW between Highway 281 and Road T NW.

Whereas the average speed traveled on Road 5 NW between Highway 281 and Road R NW, is in excess of the posted, 45 mph, speed limit and the average speed traveled between Road R NW and Road T NW exceeds 60 mph we request the following:

A. Change the speed limit back to 35 mph on Road 5 NW between Highway 281 and Road R NW.

B. Change the speed limit from 60 mph to 45 mph on Road 5 NW between Road R NW and Road T NW.

The undersigned individuals request you consider the above changes due to the following:

This is a rural residential area.

There are multiple school bus stops.

There have been two fatality accidents in the area within the last year.

One of which involved a school bus and a tour bus.

Even with the No Passing Zone Striping (in the 45 mph section) residents are passed when slowing down to pull into their driveways.

Vehicles continue to pass other vehicles within the No Passing Zone.

It is difficult for Residents of The Village at Colockum Ridge to merge on to Road 5 NW and also making a left turn off of Road 5 NW into the Village.

Colockum Ridge Golf Course customers have issues turning into and coming out of the parking lot

Mail boxes are required to be on the south side of the road (between Highway 281 and Road R NW) requiring residents to cross two lanes of high speed traffic. (This has since changed.)

The approach to the stop sign on Highway 281 is posted for no compression brakes. With the increased speeds, trucks regularly use their compression brakes in the restricted area.

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