On June 2, Quincy Police Chief Kieth Siebert issued a statement regarding the death of George Floyd, protesting and Quincy Police Department’s training of its officers.

George Floyd was an African American man who died while being detained by police in Minnesota. Floyd died on May 25, and since has sparked a series of protests and marches calling for the officers involved to be held accountable for his death as well as national police reform.

The QPD supports citizens’ right to peacefully protest, Siebert stated, adding that protests have often led to change resulting in “creating a better way of life.”

He continued, saying how some recent protests have caused damage and disruption, and that kind of behavior would not be tolerated.

“We also condemn the actions of the officer who knelt on the neck and back of George Floyd, causing his death. His actions were not in-line with established training nor were they in line with what any human should do to another,” Siebert said. “I lay some blame on the other officers who lacked the courage to stop this tragic event from happening. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Mr. Floyd.”

Captain Ryan Green said that the QPD preaches to officers responsibility for keeping each other in line, saying he hopes they have the moral courage to step in and say “I got it from here,” when they see another officer becoming too emotional in a situation.

“We are further ahead professionally with (the) State of Washington providing much better training to peace officers than in other parts of the country,” Siebert stated. “Besides the mandatory training, the Quincy Police Department requires much more.”

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