The Port of Quincy had a unique guest to its intermodal property this past week.

On Thursday, March 18, a dam generator shaft arrived by semi truck to the property to be loaded onto a railcar. It was then transported north to be worked on.

The generator shaft is the fourth of the 10 turbine/generator units at Priest Rapids Dam to be removed for rehabilitation. This is part of an ongoing project to rehab all 10 units. The rehabilitation of these turbines/generators means they will be refurbishing or replacing each one’s worn parts.

A crew from “heavy-haul” company Nickel Brothers arrived at the dam March 15, with a special trailer to transport the shaft, which was loaded the next day. The shaft is heading to Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada to the Fab 3R shop for machining. Fab 3R specializes in machining and refurbishing oversized complex equipment.

The refurbished shaft is planned to arrive back at the dam in October 2021.

“A true team effort made this critical transportation safe and efficient,” said Grant PUD Project Manager Vince Von Paul.

He noted that turbine generator team leaders Bill Anderson, Jeff Niehenke and Pat Oldham lead the effort with plant management support to design the move and coordinated the heavy haul with Grant PUD inspectors Mike Fleurkens and Ken Thoms. Turbine generator contractors from General Electric and Voith helped prep and rig the shaft for transport with the support of Grant PUD electricians on site. Turbine generator inspectors will monitor the shaft while it’s off site during the machining.

The Grant PUD inspectors placed a GPS tracking unit on the shaft so they can see in real time where the shaft is located, how fast it’s moving (MPH) and measure any bumps while in transit to Canada.

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