After just two years as the principal at Quincy High School, Marcus Pimpleton is moving onto a new role with the Yakima School District.

The new position is an executive director position and will allow Pimpleton to work closely with the superintendent in the Yakima School District, he said. His goal is to eventually become a superintendent and is currently in the process of earning a certificate at the University of Washington.

During his time in Quincy, Pimpleton said he enjoyed the students for their school spirit and support of one another, and the staff for their work with equity and student relationships. He is also proud of the work the district has done regarding equity policy. The district recently approved just the second race and equity policy in Eastern Washington, which they had been working on for over two years, he said.

“That to me was a really powerful moment of the district taking a stand and saying that we’re going to try to do some things different and try to improve some things for kids,” Pimpleton said. He hopes that he can partner with the Quincy School District in the future for regional district work as well.

Pimpleton said he will always remember this school year and how COVID-19 changed it all, especially the planning and execution of the graduation gauntlet.

“Seeing the way that the community came together to pull off that event, which was in a lot of ways better than the traditional ceremony, and having the opportunity to stand on stage and greet each of those graduates is something I will always treasure,” he said.

Pimpleton wanted to thank the community for their support and the warm welcome he received upon arrival.

“I’ve always felt like people have been behind what we’ve been trying to do,” he said.

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