The Quincy Partnership for Youth (QPY) has started a new online program to encourage students to make their overall wellness a focus in their lives.

The Nourishing Our Well-being (NOW) program is intended to inspire high school students to create their own fitness goals.

Each participant in the program will be assigned a wellness coach and will do a 45-60 minute online session with their coach to discuss fitness, nutrition, sleep habits, positive influences and avoidance of substance use.

Upon completion of the session with the wellness coach, participants are then asked to make a seven-day goal to include a new physical activity into their regimen. QPY will then provide them with several items to assist in their goal; a sports bag with a t-shirt, water bottle and cooling towel. In addition, each participant will receive an online session with a personal trainer who can give them tips about achieving their chosen goal, and how to do it at home without the need of a gym or equipment.

Next year QPY hopes to extend the program to the junior high students, said Coalition Coordinator Megan Watson.

It is one of QPY’s objectives to focus attention on the prevention of early initiation into substance use within the Quincy community. “This program is intended to inspire them to have the confidence and motivation to take care of their bodies and avoid substance use/misuse.” Watson said.

There are still spots available for this season. Those interested can find more information on how to sign up on the QPY Facebook page.

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