Another drive through vaccine clinic occurred in Quincy on April 10.

The Grant County Vaccine Task Force, made up of different members and organizations in the county, provided 192 appointments for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and 480 appointments for the Pfizer vaccine on Saturday at Quincy Middle School.

Misty Aguilar with the Grant County Health District said that they had people from all over the state come to Quincy to get their vaccine that day.

The vaccination event was put together through the joint efforts of Quincy Valley Medical Center, Grant PUD, Big Bend Community College, Quincy School District, Grant County Fire District #13, Protection 1, Grant County Health District, Moses Lake Community Health Center, Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Samaritan Clinic and volunteers.

Aguilar said it typically takes 30-40 people to run the event.

Each of the COVID-19 vaccines require unique and different ways they are prepared.

The Pfizer vaccine comes in two separate vials that must be mixed in a specific fashion. Once the vials are mixed, it creates six doses that are good for six hours at room temperature.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine comes in one vial but must still be mixed by shaking it a certain number of times. Once that step is completed, five doses are ready and good for two hours at room temperature.

While people working the events are helping with paperwork, vaccinations and monitoring symptoms, there are specially trained nurses in the background preparing the vaccines throughout the day. A nurse from Cashmere even came down to help on Saturday because she was available and had the training to prepare the COVID-19 vaccines.

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