Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero

Quincy native Oscar Romero has announced his candidacy for Quincy City Council.

Romero’s April 2 Facebook post said he is running for Position 5, now held by David Day.

Romero said his goals as a Quincy City councilmember would include helping local businesses, providing recreational opportunities for all, and beautifying the city.

“I am seeking your vote in this year’s Quincy City Council election because my leadership skills, I believe, as well as my empathy, experience, and perspective will help me be the best representative for our city’s residents,” Romero said in the post.

Romero grew up in Quincy in a single-parent household, from a migrant farm-working background. He graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

Romero said in his post that Quincy is not only well-known for its booming agricultural industry, but also for the numerous data centers. He said that this transformationfrom mainly agricultural to data centers creates the need for someone who can support this change and support the needs of the people of Quincy.

“I have the compassion, strength, and common sense to provide strong leadership in our community, and with your vote, we will amplify the voices of the most marginalized and forgotten,” Romero said.

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