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The right way to write, that is.

Tatiana Perez, from Pioneer Elementary and Brielle Baughman from Monument Elementary received their just recognition as the top two finishers in the Thanksgiving essay contest, sponsored by Dr. Paul Kwon.

Dr. Kwon presented second place finisher Baughman with an envelope containing $100, and presented first-place finisher Perez  with an envelope containing $200.

In addition, they each received a new electric toothbrush and their teachers each received a bag of oral care supplies.

Perhaps ironically, coming from a renowned local dentist, the staff at the QVPR, who organized the contest and picked first place, second place and two honorable mentions, received a basket of chocolates.

When reached for comment, at least one of the members of the staff at the QVPR said he was going to eat all the chocolate he could get his hands on, regardless of whether the good doc was being nice, or trying to drum up some new business.

In non-cavity related news, the two talented writers shared with Kwon and the QVPR the inspiration behind their winning essays.

Baughman talked in her essay about her animals, including her dog Ranger, who keeps her family safe from unfriendly wildlife.

“I love my animals a lot,” she said. Asked if she had seen any of these unfriendly wildlife visitors, she said she had not, “but my dad has.”

Perez received her envelope with a big thank-you, an even bigger smile, and eyebrows all the way up to here.

In her essay, Perez talked about being thankful for her senses, the only essay out of more than 145 that mentioned something like that.

“I just thought of things that I’m really thankful for, that I need, and that I really appreciate, and those are the things,” Perez said.

Both students are in fifth grade.

Neither student said she knew how they were going to spend their money. Rumors that there’s a large chocolate sale going on at the QVPR have proven unfounded.

Between bites of chocolate, the staff at the QVPR would like to send their deepest thanks to the dozens of children who participated in the contest, the many teachers who kept track of all the essays, the school staffers who made it possible for the essays to reach the offices at 305 Central, and most of all, Dr. Paul Kwon and his wife, Stephanie for their generosity in donating the prizes for the contest.

Mmmm, chocwit.

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