Election 2023


The last day to file as a candidate for this August’s primary election is on Friday, and little by little, the county’s ballots begins to fill with names, and that includes races affecting Quincy Valley voters.

We tried to contact all 15 candidates running for either election (if they were appointed to the spot) or re-election (if they have already served a full term) and ask them if they had decided whether they would give this public-servant dealie a fresh go.

Giving the ol’ interwebs a look-see, we found out that Michele Talley, Grant County Fire District 3 lieutenant, will indeed seek a new term as member of the Quincy Hospital District’s board of commissioners.

The same website, voter.votewa.gov, informed us that Patric F. Connelly will seek re-election to his post at the Port of Quincy. Later in the week, we learned that former sheriff candidate Joe Harris will oppose Connelly, but since the state has a top-two system, they will not appear in the primary, but advance straight to the general election.

Keven Child, a Quincy chiropractor, will also seek a term as commissioner at Grant County Fire District 3. Nobody signed up to go up against him, so he will run unopposed in November, barring any write-in campaigns. 

In Crescent Bar, sewer district member Troy Davis also filed for another go-round, he let us know via Facebook. His name was not listed on the county's website by May 19, though. His fellow board member, Kevin Hepworth's name was listed and he will run unopposed.

Then there's George. Two city council seats open, plus the mayoral post up for grabs. The mayor, Gerene Nelson decided to file, but for city council, the post left open by Hector Oliva. And city council member Juan Villalpando decided to file, but for the mayor's post. 

In addition, Brulee Hoskins Tofflemoyer decided to file as a candidate for the post Oliva left open and incumbent Patty Neff will go up against Kenneth Entzel for position 5 on council, currently held by Neff.

In Quincy, Tom Harris, a council member told the QVPR that he will seek another term at City Hall, as will Dylan Kling and Josey Ferguson. Incumbent Sonia Padron did not file a candidacy. The three incumbents running for another term will run unopposed, while three other candidates, Manny Rodriguez, Jim Kling and Marcus Westra will vie for Padron's spot. The top two will move on to the general election in November. 

Heather Folks-Lambert, a member of the Quincy School Board, also confirmed that she will ask the voters for four years on the board. She will go up against Shannon Durfee in the general election.

Jack Foglesong, a fellow board member of Folks-Lambert’s, also said he would seek another term. He will go up against Rita Keene.

Chris Baumgartner, the longest-tenured member up for re-election this year, said he would not.