The Washington Interscholastic Athletics Association (WIAA) issued a press release outlining additional and new guidance for commencing high school sports seasons.

At its meeting on Nov. 3, the WIAA Executive Board approved a process for determining the status of upcoming WIAA seasons during the 2020-21 school year.

The WIAA will monitor the eligibility of schools based on the number of cases reported in their county, using the data provided on Washington’s Risk Assessment Dashboard and Department of Health (DOH) guidelines.

According to the press release, the process for changing an approaching scheduled sport season is first, there will be a preliminary update four weeks prior to the upcoming planned season in which a WIAA staff member will send a preliminary update to all schools showing the percentage of “Eligible” schools, based on DOH guidelines, for sports within the eligible risk category, in each region, in each classification. If a sport is below 50% of schools eligible to compete in any region, WIAA staff will provide notice as to the adjusted season the sport would be planned to move.

Then, in a secondary update, WIAA staff will go through the same steps as the preliminary update but will be issued three weeks prior to the upcoming planned season. If a sport is at, or above 50% of schools eligible to compete, the sport will move forward as scheduled.

Finally, two weeks prior to the upcoming planned season a region confirmation will be sent out. WIAA regions that meet the eligibility requirements will determine if they will participate in each sport season as scheduled. If a WIAA region meets the eligibility requirement, but chooses not to participate in the scheduled season, the region directors will need to indicate the adjusted season. Once a season begins, it should continue through the end without suspending, delaying or restarting, according to the release.

Three regions have been established for the purposes of 2020-21 WIAA culminating events:

• Region “A” – WIAA Districts 1 & 2

• Region “B” – WIAA Districts 3 & 4

• Region “C” – WIAA Districts 5-9

The WIAA culminating event will be the final four of each region, per classification, per sport “Eligible.” The minimum requirement to hold a regional event is eight participating schools within a single classification of a region by the end of the fourth week of that season. If a classification cannot meet that requirement, they will have the option to combine with another classification in the region for the culminating event. Quincy is in WIAA District 6, which is Region “C.”

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