Wicked G.O.A.T. Brew coffee stand has officially opened for business as of Aug. 7.

Co-owners Tami Canfield and Danielle Svilar are excited to serve people their special blend coffee. The blend was created through a coffee roasting company in Spokane called 4 Seasons Coffee Co. According to Svilar, the only other place that uses that blend of coffee in Grant County is a stand in Othello run by her mother.

Together, Svilar and Canfield came up with five specialty drinks for the stand; Flying Billy, Zen Doe, Holy Goat, Wicked Wake Up and Hair of the Goat. They would like to do more specials such as a special of the day, Canfield said .

Wicked G.O.A.T. Brew offers discounts for anyone in uniform such as military members and first responders. Their punch cards also award a free drink after the purchase of four drinks, unlike most coffee stands that give out a free tenth drink.

Another unique thing they offer is customized color changing straws for sale that are reusable.

Their biggest goal, however, is consistency. They want every drink to taste exactly the same no matter who is making it and for it to be a “dang good drink,” Canfield said. They have created exact recipes for their baristas to follow so there is no guesswork.

Right now they are still waiting for some signage to come in, but everything else is set to go.

Canfield and Svilar are hopeful that business will continue to grow more once their signage is all up and Fatburger is open.

Their hours are Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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