The 2021 virtual legislative session is coming to a close in only three weeks. With such a short amount of time left, legislators are spending long days, late evenings, and most weekends on the House floor debating and voting on bills.

In his April 10 legislative update, District 13 representative Alex Ybarra addresses a few of the important issues they are working through.

In the newsletter he addressed that he co-signed a bill that would prohibit vaccine passports for residents to access public places in Washington State. He explained that the bill comes on the heels of announcements across the nation that proof of inoculation may be required to return to work, school, travel or attend public events.

“House Bill 1570 contains clear language protecting foundational rights of citizens who choose not to get vaccinated. Because we introduced the bill late in the current session, it will not likely get a hearing or vote. However, the plan is to reintroduce the measure during the next legislative session,” Ybarra said.

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